by Light Beam Rider

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Bryan Huff
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Bryan Huff Great local artists doing an awesome job! Favorite track: A Song About Some Byrdz.
Jamie Starr
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Jamie Starr The ghost of Andrew Wood. Light Beam Rider is one of the best pure rock bands I have heard in a while. Great, sticky guitar riffs, solid in the pocket rhythm section and atmospheric keys blend to create a kick ass sound. Brings me back to the days of Mother Love Bone and Green River from the early Seattle grunge movement but with a bit more polish and maturity without the glam rock posturing. Great album well worth the download. Light Beam Rider and Junior Astronomers can save rock and roll! Favorite track: My Name Is Thunder.
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released October 9, 2012

Recorded in Water Valley, MS at Black Wings Studio 2012
Engineered by Winn McElroy

All songs written by Light Beam Rider

Jesse Sutton - Bass Guitar
Daniel Sowards - Lead Guitar
Thomas Sweat - Lead Vocals/Guitar
Ian Manus - Drums



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Light Beam Rider Nashville, Tennessee

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Track Name: #5
oh baby you were so smashed,
right behind my back,
you tipped your glass and lit,
your cigarette.

then you began to laugh,
na-na now i want you back,

i want you back i want you

oh baby you were the bombshell,
and i was the pin,
you cant combine us without a grin

here's the end to the story,
i guess this is how it ends
we go our separate ways,
and call us friends

na na na i want you back
Track Name: Dexter's Meth Lab
where have where have where have you been?
i've been at home, asleep with the light on,
not saying hello, to the faces. I don't care anymore. that were safe

are we safe?

my baby's falling all to pieces,
help us jesus, get us out of here
my baby's falling all to pieces, she says

what have what have what have you seen,
i don't know but im scared what the truth brings,
I'm homesick for my old head but its not there anymore

my baby's falling all to pieces,
help us jesus, get us out of here
my baby's falling all to pieces, she says
but now i cant talk now but now i cant think now,
these walls are melting down the hall,
my baby's falling all the pieces, she says

but why are you so saved?
Track Name: A Song About Some Byrdz
we're all better off than we'd like to believe,
we focus on our struggles, but still buy fancy things,
we take our vitamins but we still smoke cigarettes,
we've got this figured out, no not quite yet.

she tore off all her clothes,
in the rain she screams out god i really know
we should hold each other close
both our lovers and our foes
no I've never never seen before today,
i see in color when all i'd seen was blue in gray

God's a skyscraper
every windows just another way to see
every different floor is just another place to be,
its all the same its all the same why cant you see
we're family

and we were all wrong
sitting there in the back seat by the window
holding back my grudge,
i sure did love you then, i sure did love you so much
but we were all wrong
Track Name: My Name Is Thunder
I stick my head out of the water,
but i wasn't really swimming I,
I just set thinking and floating,
and this love, this love rose up inside,
and it was more, more than i could recognize,
or see

I wanna set you on fire
and I want,
I wanted to watch you burn

but then those doldrums come around,
like a lepor's hopes they'll bury me in the groud,
just throw me a rope because I feel like i'm digging in sand,
soon as there is a dent it caves where I stand,
I just need you to come around.